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Waste Works At The Excel London


This week the Excel London has been hosting its annual event, Pro2Pac, Waste Works and IFE.

It was the first time foodme attended, so we went with great expectations and much excitement, suffice to say we were not disappointed! Not only were we indulging in all the great food that was on offer, but the ideas and innovations on display were brilliant!

Once we had tried hummus crisps, vegan salads, Thai delicacies and British classics, we headed straight to the packaging and waste solutions – full up of course – and saw some fantastic ideas and met some great people, all of whom are looking at ways to becoming more sustainable and less damaging to our planet. From a company called Coffee Service – which specalise in packaging for coffee shops and are moving towards biodegradable packaging – to companies that are moving towards renewable energy through hydro power and food waste conversion.

Nearing the end of the day we sat down in anticipation to hear Adam Leyland – group editor of The Grocer and leader of the ‘Waste not want not’ campaign – do a talk on aptly named “how to turn 100,000 tonnes of waste into 100 million extra meals”. Adam and his team have gone to great lengths over the past 2 years to help prevent the madness of food waste. Good food that could go to those who need it firstly goes to energy companies and then animals before humans are considered, something we too feel is simply absurd considering the high levels of people attending food banks. Adam remained positive that if we all do our bit and push the companies to be more responsible, we will get to a sustainable world which we all care for.

All in all it was a fantastic day and a huge eye opener with encouraging results to see so many doing their bit to help change the way we live and the problems many wish to ignore. We will certainly be going back next year 🙂


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