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UK Food Waste



The UK alone throws away over 1.5 million tonnes of food each year, that is costing us all over £12.5 billion a year in wasted food which could have been eaten! Thats nearly £500 per household!

With so many of us tightening our budgets these days, due to numerous reasons, it makes sense to make the most of every opportunity which allows us to all save some money.

Many supermarkets tend to have a “reduced” section which are a good way of selling produce before it’s passed its sell by date, however, there are still huge amounts that do not get sold and a lot of cases food is thrown before the supermarkets have even purchased it.

Many farmers are also left with huge amounts of produce because the supermarkets do not wish to purchase it due to the way it looks or its size as they feel consumers only purchase produce they are used to seeing, this is known as “cosmetic standards”. When you actually think about it, surely this is crazy! I mean if you’re about to chop up and eat a  parsnip, who cares if its straight or has a curve to it right?

These issues are becoming more and more discussed with many taking better thought as to how they purchase and dispose of food, hopefully we can all get together to help make the change.


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