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Government Says New Sale By Dates Could Save Millions


It has been announced that the government are looking at ways to reduce food waste further and are further questioning the use of ‘Use By’ dates with only highly perishable¬†foods having that as they are likely to harm health after that date.

Food that will not be harmful should instead be given best-before dates so consumers can choose whether they still want to eat it, even if past its best. More consumers are now instead choosing to use common sense, smell and feel for such foods to determine how edible they are instead of relying on date given by supermarkets.

Committee Chair Neil Parish MP has some great ideas in how to start tackling food waste and reducing the billions of pounds worth of food that is thrown away in the UK every year.

My favourite, being his ideas on incorporating lessons on food waste and the environmental impact of it into the school curriculum. If we teach children from a young age the huge negative effects food waste has on our planet, it will go far to break the mould and reduce emissions within a generation.

Neil Parish concluded with:

“The best thing we can do is to prevent raw materials, ingredients and products from becoming waste in the first place. If surplus cannot be prevented, then redistribution to people in need or as animal feed is the next best option. Once it is thrown away the best way of dealing with food waste is to recycle it by sending it to anaerobic digestion or composting. The worst way to deal with it is to send it for disposal through waste incineration without energy recovery or to send it to landfill.”

Read it all here.


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