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France Leads The Way!


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France has decided to lead the way in reducing the world their carbon footprint and aims to reduce the 7m tonnes of food wasted by the country every year dramatically.

Large stores will no longer be allowed to throw out food which is coming up to its best – before date and instead will have to give it to those who are more in need. Charities will now be able to give out more free meals to millions of people each year who are struggling to eat or make ends meet.

Companies have been known to padlock their bins which are loaded with this food and even more shockingly pore bleach over it in order to stop those in need from taking it, something that is not uncommon here in the UK either.

Now with fines of up to £75,000 or the threat of a prison sentence it should go some way to helping our planet and those in need of good quality produce destined for the bin! The French government have also given tax incentives to those who work with them in moving the initiative forward which will cover the companies costs to ensure the food is received in a suitable condition for distribution.

Sounds like a good start and a move in the right direction!


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