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Earth Day Weekend


April 22nd, better known as “Earth Day”.

Founded in the U.S by then senator Gaylord Nelson, the idea has prospered since its first demonstration on April 22nd 1970 when over 20 million Americans took parks and streets across the country to voice concerns over the negative impact companies were having on our planet.

The Earth Day movement have a huge number of campaigns to help keep our planet safe for many generations to come, from bringing the environmental movement to higher education in colleges and universities around the globe, to a global day of conversion where they urge local mayors and leaders to look at renewable energy and clean living.

With more and more people getting involved foodme only hopes the movement gets ever bigger as we look to a brighter future full of innovative ways of protecting our green spaces, rainforests, wildlife and oceans whilst making our atmosphere and air clean and healthy.

To find out more on Earth Day visit here. MB


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